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General Dentistry in Provo, UT

Much of your family’s oral health care is taken care of at home. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once, preferably before you go to sleep. You should also refrain from snacking on sugar; it fuels bacteria in your mouth to produce tooth-destroying acid. However, even the most strict at-home oral health regimen needs to be supplemented with regular visits to the dentist’s office. Dr. Jay D. Scott offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry services at our Provo office so that you and your family can maintain excellent oral health and dental integrity. From regular cleaning and preventive appointments to tooth extractions for better dental function, we’ve got your family’s professional dental care covered.

Dental tools and toothbrush


Purposely taking out a tooth may seem counterproductive to genuine dental care, which normally focuses on preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible. In some cases, however, tooth extraction is a must for ensuring oral health, function, and comfort. Common reasons for extracting tooth include a wisdom tooth that crowds the dental ridge, a misaligned tooth that hinders orthodontic treatment, or a severely damaged or diseased tooth. Dr. Scott offers same-day extractions for almost every patient, depending on the seriousness of their condition, and will refer patients to an oral surgeon for more complicated cases, such as split teeth and impacted wisdom teeth.

Cleaning & Prevention

The main reasons for brushing and flossing teeth every day is to keep the buildup of harmful dental plaque under check. It could contain hundreds of different kinds of oral bacteria. If you miss even the tiniest spot of dental plaque, it will harden into tartar—a calcified, insoluble substance that’s impervious to a toothbrush and toothpaste. At a cleaning and prevention appointment, Dr. Scott or one of our dental experts will use the most advanced instruments to thoroughly eliminate plaque and tartar from teeth surfaces above and below the gum line. The appointment will also include a comprehensive examination during which Dr. Scott will inspect your mouth for early signs of destructive dental diseases. Treating oral health issues early gives you the best chance at averting extensive damage to teeth and gums.

Family Dentistry

Our practice primarily deals with dental care for the whole family. We’ve designed our office with an open and pleasant atmosphere, including several TVs in the front area. Parents can be around in the room with their children during their treatment; so you never have to leave your child alone. Our office is also wheelchair accessible for senior citizens and disabled patients. We make dental care more reasonably priced by providing a number of financing options, including a discount membership that considerably lowers the cost of your family dentistry needs. As an alternative to dental insurance, our membership plan helps families receive the care they need, when they need it, at highly discounted prices.

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