A Failing Dental Filling Needs Professional Treatment

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Common dental filling materials include composite resin, metal amalgam, gold alloy and special dental grade porcelain. They are often secured to a tooth’s enamel layer to treat a physical defect or small area of tooth decay. If you struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits, the demineralization effect on your tooth enamel could potentially start to weaken the bond with a current dental filling. As this continues to progress, bacteria could gain further access to the cavity.

Patients with a failing or distressed dental filling sometimes notice discomfort or increased sensitivity in the affected tooth. This might also include a change in surface texture or color in the tooth enamel.

In a case like this our dentists, Drs. Scott and Straw will need to examine the tooth to assess the severity of the problem. Then he will present you with your treatment options. Sometimes a distressed dental filling can be addressed by replacing it with a new dental filling. This will involve the dentist removing a small amount of the surrounding tooth enamel before placing a slightly larger dental filling. In the case of a large dental filling or a tooth with a new area of tooth decay he might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown restoration.

If you live in the Provo, Utah, region and you have noticed a problem with one of your dental fillings, you should call 801-615-2917 to have it examined and treated at Unison Dental.