Meet the Doctors

Dr. Jay Scott Dr. Jay Scott graduated from dental school at USC in 2004 after undergraduate studies at BYU. He began practicing in Provo, Utah in 2005. For 12 years, he has been enhancing his patient’s smiles and annually continues his education. Dr. Scott brings comfort and value to dentistry with the knowledge and expertise you would come to expect from a dental health professional. He looks forward to being of service to you and your family and hope to develop friendships along the way.

Dr. Aaron Straw of Unison Dental

Dr. Aaron Straw Dr. Aaron Straw, a 2006 Virginia Commonwealth University graduate and BYU undergraduate in Biochemistry, brings his dental expertise to Unison Dental. He is frequently learning new information, techniques, and procedures in his trade, and has worked alongside Dr. Scott since 2013. He is a member of Dawson Academy in St. Pete Beach Florida, and has advanced training in the Core Curriculum offered there. He was also awarded the Cosmetic Competency Award. Dr. Straw is involved in the community as a soccer coach for his kids, and his motto is to live the golden rule: “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

Meet the Team


Bret Scott – Office Manager Bret Scott has been the office manager for Unison Dental for the last 11 years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. His goal is to help patients afford dental work, and contributes to the practice by managing the business side of the dental office. He is also the dental insurance expert. He looks forward to helping patients restore or maintain their smile.


Jessica Balcer – Dental Assistant Jessica Balcer is the dental assistant at Unison Dental, having been here for 9 years. She is married and is expecting a baby. In addition to her work, she loves to teach and choregraph dance routines for for competitions and performances. She loves working at the office because of its great environment with wonderful and friendly staff. She contributes to Unison Dental by assisting the dentist and taking care of patient’s needs, ensuring they feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


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