Achievements in Dentistry: Plaque Buildup Prevention

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Are you prepared to treat plaque as it develops? Plaque buildup is one of the key causes of oral health failure, so it is important to make sure you always rinse out your mouth on a daily basis to ensure that plaque buildup cannot occur. If plaque buildup remains unhindered, it can convert substances in your mouth into acids that will chew through your tooth enamel. For more information concerning plaque, take the following quiz:

Question 1: What is plaque?
A: a thin layer of debris and bacteria on your teeth that can cause several oral health risks to arise
B: a form of tooth prosthetic
C: a meditative therapy for relieving dental anxiety
D: a type of toothpaste

Question 2: Which of the following are benefits of washing away plaque buildup?
A: improved oral health
B: lower risk for cavities and tooth decay
C: fresher mouth with a lower risk for bad breath
D: all of the above

Question 3: Which of the following is not a cause of plaque buildup?
A: poor oral hygiene
B: a lack of dental visits
C: teeth whitening treatment systems
D: gaps in your smile due to missing teeth that go untreated

Question 4: Which of the following issues can occur due to plaque buildup?
A: tooth loss
B: tartar formation
C: gum disease and cavities
D: all of the above

Answer Key:
A, D, C, D

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