Content Smiles: Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are one of the most important tools you have at your disposal to protect your teeth. Although there are some activities that you can use to provide additional oral health care, additional layers of protection may still be required to keep your smile safe. This is because it... Read more »

Achievements in Dentistry: Plaque Buildup Prevention

Are you prepared to treat plaque as it develops? Plaque buildup is one of the key causes of oral health failure, so it is important to make sure you always rinse out your mouth on a daily basis to ensure that plaque buildup cannot occur. If plaque buildup remains unhindered,... Read more »

A Failing Dental Filling Needs Professional Treatment

Common dental filling materials include composite resin, metal amalgam, gold alloy and special dental grade porcelain. They are often secured to a tooth’s enamel layer to treat a physical defect or small area of tooth decay. If you struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits, the demineralization effect on your... Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Provide You with a More Attractive Smile

The appearance of your teeth can play an important role in your self-confidence. After all, your smile is the first thing that many people notice about you, and your smile and expressions are your strongest forms of nonverbal communication.  If you have stains on your teeth or other minor cosmetic... Read more »

A Word About GERD

Chronic acid indigestion and acid reflux can have damaging effects on your dental health. If you taste acid backflow or have heartburn more than 2x per week, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD—and it can dissolve your tooth enamel. GERD becomes an issue when the door of muscle... Read more »

Don’t Ignore Early Symptoms of a Cavity

Failing to maintain effective and consistent oral hygiene practices can lead to a persistent buildup of plaque acids in your mouth. This can gradually start to demineralize your tooth enamel causing tooth decay to afflict one or more of your teeth. If you notice signs of sensitivity, discomfort, or any... Read more »

Improve Your Smile Discreetly with ClearCorrect

Our dentist and team can provide customized ClearCorrect clear aligners if you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile without undergoing the cosmetic drawbacks of traditional braces during this time. We invite you to consider the ClearCorrect braces system to help you achieve the aesthetic smile you deserve.... Read more »

Fall in Love with Your Smile Thanks to Tooth Hazard Prevention

  You should never just assume everything is going to be okay and your teeth will take care of themselves. The truth is your teeth will only be as safe as you make them. By applying effective tooth hazard prevention plans and avoiding the high risk that can easily cause... Read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Smile During Wrestling Season

If you’re a wrestler, no matter which level you compete at, you need to care for your smile. This might seem like an odd recommendation, but it’s a very important one. Unfortunately, your teeth and gums can be damaged this wrestling season if you’re not careful. So, please care for... Read more »

What is Tooth Enamel?

Your tooth enamel is the hard, white surface that protects your teeth. It’s a strong, dependable shell that is considered to be the strongest mineral substance in your body, even stronger than bone! It helps you have the strong and healthy smile you need to perform everyday tasks. To help... Read more »