Oral Health Care Procedures: Oral Health Treatments While Pregnant

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Lifestyle changes do not alter the need for oral health care. Specifically, pregnancy does not preclude you from cleaning your teeth just because there are more important tasks and health risks at hand. The truth is that when you are pregnant, numerous health risks can arise linked to your oral health.

Poor oral hygiene while pregnant has been shown to lead to oral health ailments such as gum disease. Furthermore, health risks from poor oral hygiene include gestational diabetes, the risk for premature deliveries, and preeclampsia. Protect your smile and your health while pregnant with effective cleaning habits.

Always remember to brush twice daily and floss daily even while pregnant. In addition, your dentist is a highly effective resource to keep your health in check during a pregnancy. Remember to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning as well as to make scheduled visits throughout the year. For the best care, speak with your dentist about any prenatal vitamins or medications you may be taking while you’re pregnant.

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